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Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens is the ORIGINAL local (Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Wildomar, Menifee, Sun City, Canyon Lake, De Luz, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, La Cresta, Tenaja, Romoland) public platform opportunity for Business Owners, Salespeople, Charities & Good Causes to discuss their passion. KTTwJD is capitalizing on the renewed popularity of Podcast and Video Vodcast formats while organically fostering enhanced social proof. The inherent premise being, if you are interviewed, you have something noteworthy of being heard. Like me, you’ve attended several networking events. Heck, I even started a rather successful one! After having over 371 local business owners, salespeople, charities and good causes attend, I noticed one startling consistent occurrence: gaining active listening is challenging for many people. In many faces of those in attendance, they weren’t listening to the well rehearsed and crafted intros. They were too busy trying to remember their own. Let’s face it, elevator pitches, 30-60-90 second sound bytes don’t work. They’re often considered by the hearer as a droned noise, versus achieving its purpose of creating likability and curiosity. People do business with people they like. If they like you, they want to get to know you. As they get to know you, they’re open to hearing more about what you offer. Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens gives the entrepreneur, salesperson, charity or good cause organization the ability to display their unique “likability” factor! It captures in audio and video format, the highest and best version of the interviewee. In an uninterrupted format, it is all about promoting the BEST of the BEST in our local area. Often times a live audience attends and supports the interviewee. KTTwJD is recorded at Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula. If you want to be a voice, not an echo in the marketplace email: or text/call 951-667-5227. Or, if you’d like to be notified of upcoming interviews use the contact info above and text or email: AddME. Recently a group of past interviewees attended a FREE breakfast, TOP 38 Ways to market yourself using Podcast/Vodcast. Like a copy? All you have to do is ask!:~)

Here are our Daily Specials:

Oscar Babb, Owner & Operator Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula & La Quinta

Laurel Miller, President Glass Doctor Murrieta

Laurel Miller Testimonial
This testimonial of how amazing Glass Doctor Murrieta is precisely the thought behind Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens! Letting the area know about local Businesses. Check out Glass Doctor Murrieta at 951-894-5710. You’ll be glad you did:~)

Cheryl Zenski, Mortgage Consultant

Midori Ramsey with E&M Apothecaire

Midori Ramsey, Essential Ink: Murrieta’s Premiere Body Art Studio

Kip Cothran of KC Photography

Tony LoPiccolo, Mortgage Consultant

Trish Duarte, Partner MaidPro Temecula

Bob Hurst, Founder Trusted Business Partners

Willie Smith, Juice It Up, Temecula

Ray Anderson, MAXT Sports Academy

Nas Khan, Founding Partner, Khan Attorneys

Maria Espinoza, Owner Value ME Appraisal

Neisha Weston, Mobile Esthetician

Lisa Harris, Enduring Fitness For You

Bonnie Clark, Kratos Financial and Insurance Solutions

Lorie Herrick, Ken Welton Foundation

Nancy Lapointe, Advanced Planning Advocate

James Karasek, StrengthsFinder Business and Team Building Coach

Jenique Sanders, Magazine Editor of UCON, Gospel Rap Music Producer

Lori Cuevas, Sales rep at MoreStars, featuring/announcing Craveyon Wine Tasting Event

Erin Furlong, Your Local Trusted Insurance Professional

Erin Furlong, Your Local Trusted Insurance Professional

Erin Furlong, Your Local Trusted Insurance Professional

Erin Furlong, Your Local Trusted Insurance Professional

Erin Furlong, Your Local Trusted Insurance Professional

Kathi Fox, Naturopathy & Whole Body Care at Total Health FX, Award-Winning Spiritual Art Awareness Facilitator

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Cara Urich, Arbonne Consultant

Neisha Weston, Mobile Esthetician


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Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens is recorded, filmed or streamed LIVE daily at Broken Yolk Cafe in Temecula, CA from 2-3:30 pm. The owners, Oscar and Jenny Babb serve fresh food (breakfast and lunch) from 6am to 3pm. They are located at:    26495 Ynez Rd, Temecula, CA 92591. Look for the burgundy awning across the parking lot from See’s Candies. A couple of my faves……. Good Morning Burger. Imagine a burger made fresh to order with a bright ray of sunshine. Okay. You may call it an over easy egg! Add an order of sweet potato fries and you’re all set. Major YUMMO!!!! If you’re up for a lighter fare that doesn’t skimp on flavor or portion size, Very Berry Salad is always a winner. It’s light and filling at the same time. How do they do that??? Betcha didn’t know they offer an assortment of “specialty coffees”, mimosa’s and sangrias. Well, they do. Me likey and you will too!

Broken Yolk Cafe in Temecula offers hand-crafted boxed lunches for office meetings, workshops and training sessions. Various menu combinations available to meet your budget. Simply phone co-managers, Aaron or Rosa for details, orders and to schedule pick-up times:

855-229-9655 (YOLK)

Check out Broken Yolk at their Temecula location, or the Babb’s other locations in La Quinta: 78430 Highway 111, La Quinta, CA 92253. For details, orders and to schedule pick-up times:

760-777-9655 (YOLK)

Their newest location is in the heart of Palm Springs. 262 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
760-318- 9655 (YOLK)


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What’s Cookin’

On The Griddle:


We’re excited to announce that September 9, 2015 from 2-3:30pm at Broken Yolk Cafe, Temecula we will be cookin’ up, Kitchen Table Talk with Jacqui Dobens. After hosting and producing networking community, Lunch Learn Connect for the last 18 months (361 business owners and sales people have attended), one thing is clear: Business owners and sales people rarely have an opportunity to talk about their business.

Here are a few things I’ve learned after investing over 162 hours sharing the most effective and best practices of networking:

This community loves to engage.

This community really cares about growth potential

This community wants (and deserves) more exposure to prospects, clients and customers

This community bands together when the cause is worthwhile

For all of these reasons, I began noticing a great need that is not and has not been filled: Business Community awareness. I’ve been honored to have met some of the most amazing emerging talent in the valley. Good people that lack great community awareness. Let’s face it, you can be awesome….if no one knows you’re awesome, what good does your awesomeness do for you? That’s a rhetorical question of course.

Now, you’ll have the chance to talk about your plans, upcoming events, passion and why clients should do business with you. If you’re interviewed via audio (podcast or webcast), video (live stream, Google HOA) or a hybrid you’ll have content that you can post on your website, excerpts that can be used as a calling card….you’re limited only by your imagination. In addition, you’ll receive the support of other local business sales professionals!

The focus will be LOCAL!!! You read right! Temecula. Murrieta. De Luz. Winchester. Canyon Lake. Menifee. San Jacinto. Lake Elsinore. Hemet. French Valley. La Cresta. Bear Creek. Fallbrook. Romoland. We are taking the business community to the next level.


General Show Structure:

For the most part this show will be an interview/discussion driven podcast. Each episode with feature a host (Jacqui Dobens) and a local guest. Kitchen Table Talk means an honest exchange! No scripts. You’ll have an opportunity to engage with a local business owner/sales person. They will have the opportunity to share their passion. Honestly. Unplugged. In addition, post podcast, each interviewee will receive an edited MP3 (MP4 if video), online link and much more.